Metsolar’s “Solar Solution” Viable Scholarships offers an award of $1000 to the students who are enthusiasts and want to have skills related to various applications concerning solar energy.

About the Scholarship

The energy that we gain from the sun is a blessing. It is a must to utilize this blessing in the human benefits that would advantage them in gaining solar energy and continuing their tasks while performing the majority of work using that energy.

For preparing a solar professional, the skills are most concerned that express the ability to be an expert in the field. The solar training that we provide will surely add up vibrant skills in your personality.

To uplift the solar engineers and resuming them to express themselves through their professional work in the field. We offer “Solar Solution” Viable Scholarships to passionate students who want to upgrade themselves but find it hard to do due to their expense issues.

The scholarship programs include the projects: lighting solutions, roof solutions, architecture solutions, and BIPV.

The passionate and fiery students, running after developing solar solutions are eligible for this scholarship. However, it is not mandatory, but having experience in the related field would be a positive point in the student’s profiles.

Scholarship Details

Application Submission Deadline: 15-10-2022.

Award Amount:  $1000

Eligibility Criteria

We would consider candidates working on a thematics of:

– Tandem solar cells technology and technology scale-up;
– Perovskite solar cells technology;
– Novel PV system design and engineering;
– Industry 5.0 implementation to solar manufacturing;
– IoT solution/technology development for solar implementation in zero-net cities;
– Robotics technologies for future solar manufacturing;
– BIPV solutions/ technologies development and implementation for zero-net buildings;
– PV technologies in the vehicle sector.


How to Apply?

Submit a detailed essay of 2000 to 2500 words on “Is solar energy a long term solution for energy?” Share it with our team at “”.