Meet Metsolar and Explore Innovative Building Skins at the Expo “Advanced Building Skins” in Bern

Bern, Switzerland – UAB Metsolar, renowned for its sustainable building solutions, is thrilled to participate in the 18th Advanced Building Skins Conference & Expo, taking place on October 30-31, 2023, in Bern, Switzerland.

At Stand 12, UAB Metsolar will unveil its latest advancements in building skins, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge solar technology into architectural designs. These innovations not only elevate a building’s visual appeal but also enhance energy efficiency and sustainability. UAB Metsolar’s solutions harness solar energy to provide eco-friendly electricity, heating, and cooling options for buildings.

The Advanced Building Skins Conference & Expo is a pivotal event for professionals in the architecture, construction, and sustainability sectors.

For additional details, please contact us at Meet us and book a meeting for the expo.

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