About Metsolar


EU manufacturer of solar modules

We deliver custom solar solutions for various applications – from:

To assure highest European quality – we thoroughly examine the performance of all our products in an in-house photovoltaics testing laboratory. Through delivering quality and exceptional solar solutions, we seek to develop relationship not only as manufacturing, but innovation partners aswell.


Custom solar manufacturer

Metsolar is a European manufacturer of tailor-made BIPV solutions. Being custom solar panel manufacturer we specialize in design and development of solar panels, which require a personal touch and unique approach to the specific inquiry. In addition to custom made solar panels we provide personalized OEM manufacturing services of Glass-glass, Glass-Backsheet and Semi-Flexible technologies.

Since Metsolar is working side by side with research institute of photovoltaics – we constantly innovate to deliver latest photovoltaics technologies to our production and to adapt to changing needs of solar market. Our design and development team will assist through all stages of project development: from design sketch to working prototype and series production.


Our company

Our experience reaches as far as 2007, when after long research process our company visionary CEO dr. Juras Ulbikas inspired whole team to go big – to become No. 1 custom solar manufacturer in the world. To reach this goal we combined experience and outside the box thinking to seek innovation in every step and every project along the way. This innovation-first approach together with strong and dedicated team allowed Metsolar to reach this goal and to grow into one of the most flexible solar manufacturer worldwide. Now we provide widest and most flexible solar solutions in the market. Yet we plan to keep moving forward, together with in-house R&D we stretch our knowledge and push our manufacturing possibilities to the point where there is no limits in what is possible to produce.


“Innovation-first approach is our way of life for 15 years already. We are solar artists by heart!“

– Dr. Juras Ulbikas

Founder of Metsolar

“Innovation-first approach is our way of life for 15 years already. We are solar artists by heart!“

– Dr. Juras Ulbikas  Founder of Metsolar



Our services

Consulting services

We assist through all steps of manufacturing process – from examining your brief, providing ideas on optimization to series production.

Research and development

While working side by side with research institute of photovotaics, we continuously lead innovations to solar world and to our developed and manufactured products.

Prototype development

Our design and development team will meet even the most ambitious requirements for product prototype (from non standard panel to personalized placement solution).

Series production

After successful prototype completion we focus on delivering series production results while keeping you updated on our progress.

Cutting of solar cells

We are able to laser cut polycrystalline, monocrystalline or colored solar cells into any desired shape and size. Learn more about solar cell cutting.

Testing according to IEC standarts

Our in house testing facilities enables us to assure best EU quality, as we test modules according to IEC standards.

Let’s discuss your project

Let’s discuss your project