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BIPV modules and solar panels

Metsolar produce extensive variety of custom BIPV solar panels, that are efficient, cost competitive and have exclusive design variations. Our agile manufacturing solution provides flexibility and efficiency, so styles of our BIPV modules differentiate in size, shape, transparency and power options to fit your project vision and business needs. Being one of most flexible manufacturers of PV products – our company will professionally help you develop custom solar solution through all stages of your project. From idea and prototype to series production.

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Solar glass colors (+7)
  • Solar glass facades
  • Solar balconies

BIPV panels for solar facade systems

Solar panels used on walls can be used as solar facade cladding solution that fits both new facades (for integration) and existing facades for renovation of facade, turning it to energy efficient building solution. Our PV facade modules are lightweight and price competitive, therefore can be chosen as building cladding option to achieve visual appeal and energy efficiency.

Mounting / fixating such solar facades are made to fit with solutions already existing in the market, both custom fixtation solutions of your design and choice.

Ventilated solar facades are a way to go solution, as it offer plenty advantages: facade insulation, facade glazing, energy generation, additional thermal properties, noise reduction. When using it as a second skin it can be implemented on existing facades in order to modernize them.

Solar panels for roof tiles & systems

Metsolar manufactured PV roof panels can be used on top of an existing roof or replace conventional roof tiles. Different module design variations, provided by Metsolar are used when complete fusion of solar glass and building is required. Solar panels for roofing are engineered and manufactured in a manner to fit existing mounting solutions or adapted to your fixation system.

  • Solar panels for PV skylight
  • Solar panels for roofing
  • Solar panels as roof tiles
  • Solar roof slates
  • PV canopy solutions
  • Solar balustrades
  • Solar shadings
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BIPV module styles

We manufacture extensive variety of custom BIPV solar panels in size, shape, color, transparency and efficiency. All our PV products can be produced with full or cut solar cells as per demand.



Semi-transparent BIPV modules

Metsolar manufactures standard glass/ glass, glass/ backsheet BIPV solar panel options with possibility for variations in size, shape, transparency, JB, etc. For seamless integration and blending design.

  • With glass of your choice
  • With different transparency rate
  • With full, cut, bifacial solar cells


Full black modules

Full black modules are used when complete fusion with an object and invisibility is required.

  • With satin glass
  • With float glass




Terracotta / tile red modules

Terracotta modules used for BIPV projects, focused mostly in architectural heritage and old town areas where strong limitations for architectural design are present. This solution brings advantages and design freedom for architects to have energy active roof or solar facade, at the same time keeping such building similar to its surroundings.

  • With terracotta colored glass


Colored solar glass

Roofs and facades truly stand out with modules produced using colored glass by Kromatix™ (solar glass innovated by SwissINSO) or technology by Solaxess, where solar cells are almost invisible.

  • 12 dynamic colors


Latest BIPV


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    Our customization options

    Our customization options