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How to skyrocket with your solar street lighting project? Three simple secrets to successful collaboration

3 secrets to successful collaboration in solar related projects from Metsolar

Every company dreams to have its business rolling to the top, but to make it fairly on your own – isn’t an easy task. Every successful businessman would tell you that finding a good partner is the necessity one should have. But if they keep silent on how to create and maintain a collaboration so that synergy would benefit both parts, we won’t.

To understand better how these three principles – communication, competence and flexibility – work in practice, let’s take Metsolar and Denmark’s company Alfred Priess A/S collaboration as an example which has started several years ago and still brings successful results.

“Alfred Priess” A/S was looking for a partner – custom solar module manufacturer to their modern off-grid “Skyline street lighting” series

1. Communication is a key

It is a known fact, that good communication is a key to successful relationship. And so Metsolar partnership with Alfred Priess A/S began in 2015, when this Danish company was looking for a partner which could contribute to their new, innovative and aesthetic solar project “Skyline street lighting” series.

Alfred Priess A/S team designed new solar streetlight columns, that are clean, eco-friendly, made out of 100% recyclable materials, with integrated LCC control for remote access and monitoring. All of this was meant to work fully off grid and without any additional operational costs, ideally – solely from solar energy. Here’s where Alfred Priess A/S and Metsolar found their touchpoint – customized solar panels.

As Ole Søndergaard, Alfred Priess A/S Product manager, claims collaboration has been smooth from the start due to mutual understanding.  “From the start, Metsolar understood our product and needs. They gave me the impression of a professional company that was very flexible”, – said O. Søndergaard.

Having been involved in a solar business for more than a decade, Metsolar knew exactly what Alfred Priess A/S requirements were, thus collaboration could instantly step forward from talking to making.

How to skyrocket with your solar street lighting project? Three simple secrets to successful collaboration

Autonomous street lighting poles has been implemented in various cities in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia.

2. Evaluating partners competence

Mutual understanding between partners is important, but not enough– what’s the use of good communication if there is no tangible result?

Danish company, which is rooted in industry since 1921, have competencies more than enough to distinguish partners trustworthy – professionalism is one of the key criteria they were looking for.

According to Ole Søndergaard, “We require a partner to deliver a high-quality product and which would be able to give us the most professional advises, according to new products that could be of our interest. Our solar supplier should also be a partner with a focus on our needs.”

And so collaboration journey began. Metsolar have cut cells to meet important power requirements and for the module to fit the tight elongated shape of hexagon solar street pole. White and black backsheet options were used to differentiate the design feel of modules and whole lighting pole itself. The diode was laminated inside the module to achieve more water resistance characteristics and for modules to work optimally even while part of a module being exposed to external contamination.

Communication, flexibility alongside to companies competence were key factors to smooth partnership.

3. Look for responsibility and flexibility

As Dainius Horbačauskas, Metsolar Head of Commerce said, – there has been already around 3000 modules made for this solar street lighting series – 45 kW in total. He states that work with such professionals as Alfred Priess A/S has been a demanding, but also a very rewarding experience.

“This project is one of the biggest we have had at that time and at the same time very exciting for all our team. This lighting pole stands out in the market with its complex solution for smart cities. Various plugins can be attached to this street pole, from Wifi to CCTV, let alone several charging units. Depending on the needs for smart solutions integration – power options had to be flexible as well. Developed solar panels can be integrated from 1 to 6 sides of this street pole, providing additional power capacity if needed. We understand the emerging global demand for such street lighting solutions. Solar street lighting market is expected to grow annually by 19% due to green energy as an optimal and alternative solution for increasing power demand worldwide, and we are happy to be part of it”, – said Metsolar Head of Commerce D. Horbačauskas.

How to skyrocket with your solar street lighting project? Three simple secrets to successful collaboration

One of the key points that O. Søndergaard stressed that Metsolar always work on time and could adjust to Alfred Priess A/S needs which makes them a reliable partner. Metsolar have a very good understanding of our needs and are very flexible when we need their support. Metsolar always deliver as promised and are never late.” He also stated that difficult tasks can be handled and brilliant results can be achieved, as smaller companies are more flexible and devoted to client.

Those results can be seen already for all of us. “Skyline” solar street lighting columns with Metsolar custom made solar panels can already be seen in Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Morocco, Oman, Russia, U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, South Korea.

From the given example, it is quite clear that successful collaboration between two partners lies in three simple secrets – communication, competence and ability to be flexible enough. Why not give it a try on your next project?

How to skyrocket with your solar street lighting project? Three simple secrets to successful collaboration
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