Met Glass / Glass solar modules and panels

Glass glass solar module is a long lasting and ultra resistant to any weather conditions Building Integrated Photovoltaics solution. BIPV solar panels can be used as an additional power source and alternative material in architecture to achieve future design for a comparable to standard materials price.


Met Glass / Glass

Glass / glass solar panels are the most commonly used technology in energy generating buildings. This technology so far has the highest durability rate against harsh environmental conditions and longer lifespan compared to other building integrated photovoltaics solutions in the market. These PV glass modules are not only a great and lightweight construction solution for energy efficient buildings. It provides glazing design options and endless possibilities for BIPV designers and architects to implement one of a kind exterior solutions.

Metsolar manufacture glass / glass modules for those, who are looking for high performance, durable products with long lifespan. Wide range of customization options will allow architects and urban furniture design companies to reach the ideal advantages ratio between aesthetics, efficiency, cost and overall performance.


Glass/glass module layers

  • Glass   
  •    Glass
  • Encapsulant   
  •    Solar cells
  •    Encapsulant

Data sheet

Customization data sheet

Length (mm)150mm - 3300mm
Width (mm)150mm - 1700mm
Glass thickness3mm - 6mm
Module thickness7.5mm - 13.5mm
Cell spacing 2mm - 40mm
Size of cells5", 6" or cut cells
ShapeCircle, Rectangle, Triangle, Octagon, etc.
Types of cellsMono, Mono PERC, Poly
Cell arrangementCustom cell arrangement option
Solar cell colors
+ 4 more
Glass colors
+ 3 more



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    Our customization options

    Our customization options