Met PV IGU (PV Insulated Glass Units)

PV IGU – a multilayer structure with an integrated solar module is an optimal solution where additional thermal insulation is necessary. This type of module technology is mainly used for curtain walls and PV skylight (rooftop) projects, where the cladding solution is expected to generate both: electricity and thermal insulation.



PV Insulated Glass Units acts as a multi-layer structures for facades and windows. The multilayer glass structures with integrated solar modules can be used to provide all-in-one thermal insulation and power generation for Skylight, Curtain-wall or other applications. PV modules are integrated into Double or Triple Glass Units or used as a second-skin for front cladding of a facade. Having flexibility in providing custom cell arrangement – PV IGU can be optimized to reach optimal transparency / cell coverage ratio, where different variations of solar cell layouts helps to regulate light transmission levels coming into the building according to architectural requirements.



PV IGU module styles

Solar-insulated glass units that Metsolar produces can vary in composition, size, fixing options, and light transmittance. Adjustments are based on the specific project requirements to meet the regulatory environment of installation.



Double glazed PV IGU modules

IGU with embedded solar cells can be used for both façades (curtain walls) or roofs (skylights). PV IGU allows to combine electricity generation and thermal insulation into a single solution for windows.


Triple glazed PV IGU modules

Variations in the composition of PV IGU is available and adapted to specific requirements of BIPV projects. Different fixation options are considered, taking into account engineering and architectural requirements.




PV IGU size variations

Optimal size is required for PV glass unit to meet load limitations.


  • From 15 x 15 cm
  • To 3300 x 2200 cm


PV IGU shapes

The ability to adjust the shape of PV IGU brings advantages and design freedom for architects to have energy active roof or solar facade, at the same time meeting thermal insulation requirements and letting enough natural daylight inside.




Cell arrangement

To achieve desired light transmittance of natural daylight or the design of a rooftop or facade, solar cells of a PV IGU module can be arranged according to provided drawings or suggested by the Metsolar team for optimal results.



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