Solar RV and lifestyle you always wanted

Upgrading your everyday van to become solar RV sounds like a crazy idea, but a couple have travelled 10 000 km already with a little help from Metsolar. It...

What are tandem cells? Introduction to solar technology. Part 3

Tandem cells of various configurations today are on the agenda of many research teams all around the world. The technology is interesting and promising, as it seeks to overcome...

Differences between custom made and standard modules

Choosing between standard module that is already on the market and custom solar panel is a decision for solar product designers & developers worldwide, when starting working on new...

How long will solar panels last?

Going solar, Solar technology
Solar panel quality assurance. Metsolar

How long will solar panels last?

PV technology itself is relatively new and there are no exact evidence determining how long new panels are going to last. What is known though, there are cases when...

Upgrading product to solar. Things to consider

Growing demand for energy forces industries to start integrating solar power into everyday objects. Turning your existing product into a solar powered one is possible even with a limited...

The future of furniture is solar

Great example of solar integrated furniture for a festival in Denmark delivered by innovative outdoor furniture manufacturer Out-sider A/S.

The importance of solar cell cutting in the era of Internet of Things

Solar cell cutting is small yet very important part in solar business. This process, when used properly, ensures flexibility and applicability of solar energy to various niches and applications.

Introduction to photovoltaics. Part 2: Solar panels

Second part of introduction to photovoltaics series covers crystalline solar module technology, main parts of a module and differences between most common solar technologies.

Introduction to photovoltaics. Part 1: Solar cells

First part of introduction to photovotaics covers what crystalline silicon solar cell is made of and differences between technologies.

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