Metsolar success

Successful round for Metsolar as most innovative sustainable energy start-up!

Being innovators in solar industry from the very beginning, Metsolar constantly invest in reaching technological breakthrough and seek new ways to bring technological novelties closer to mass production.

And so, we are happy to announce that we successfully passed first evaluation round in InnoEnergy contest for finding the most innovative start-up company worldwide! Solutions presented to this contest are being evaluated and must include strong technological, market readiness and team assesments.

Our outstanding product for BIPV are among 60 most innovative solutions chosen for the next round and overall Metsolar is chosen from more than 1100 participants in this contest. Our product for future energy efficient buildings are almost twice as lightweight as standard BIPV module, fits with standard in-the-market fixation solutions, has endless blend-in design variantions and passes all neccessary safety tests for modules. What more could you want?

The InnoEnergy Global Call 2019-2020 looks for brilliant companies with both innovative and market ready technologies and ideas worldwide to present their solutions in order to win the price for such technology commercialisation. InnoEnergy help businesses and their employees remain competitive in the transforming world where energy is everywhere.

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