Unipol Tower in Milan – Brilliant example of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Unipol Tower  is an extraordinary example of green architecture in Milan (Italy), an elegant and functional design with 1000 pcs. of laminated solar glass panels installed, totaling the overall installed solar louver capacity power of 112kW.

The oval shape of the tower allows it to blend into the environment. The building area is over 35,000 square meters, with a height of 120 meters, 22 floors above ground and 3 floors underground. The pattern of the facade creates an organic look for the building. The tower is made of steel, wood and glass. Unipol Tower will provide spaces for retail, a 270-seat auditorium, offices and a panoramic roof garden for public and cultural events.

Photography source: Urbanfile

The double skin facade of this building was chosen to insulate the building in winter and prevent overheating in summer. The solar project of the Tower consists of 25 different size solar panels ideally mimicking the shape of the roof. Moreover, special mounting structures and motors will be used for controlling solar modules, allowing to change the tilt of the panels, thus controlling the amount of light entering the building and ensuring overall energy efficiency of this building.

All of these features have earned the building LEED Platinum certification, therefore making Unipol Tower an exceptional example of sustainable architecture.

Unipol Tower technical PV project (skylight blinds)

double glass (10 + 10)

solar module technology


different PV module sizes




PV installation

112 kWp





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