Tauras Skylight

PV IGU, or Photovoltaic Insulated Glass Unit, is an innovative technology that integrates the benefits of insulated glass with the power of solar energy to create a highly efficient and sustainable solution for roofs and facades, integrated to buildings that seek sustainability.


Tauras Skylight

Tauras Skylight – PV Insulated Glass Units acts as a multi-layer structures for roofs and façades. The multilayer glass structures with integrated solar modules can be used to provide all-in-one thermal insulation and power generation for Skylight roof, Curtain-wall facades or other applications. PV modules are integrated into Double or Triple Glass Units. Having flexibility in providing custom cell arrangement – PV IGU can be optimized to reach optimal cell coverage / light transmission ratio.


For roof & façade

Tauras Skylight Photovoltaic Insulated Glass Units, can be customized to meet the specific needs of your building. The solar cells used in PV IGUs can be arranged in a variety of configurations to maximize energy output and efficiency.

The most common arrangement is a grid pattern, where the solar cells are arranged in a regular pattern across the glass surface. This is a highly efficient arrangement that maximizes energy output, making it ideal for buildings with high energy demands. Nevertheless, the grid can be adjusted to the design requirements with Metsolar flexible manufacturing line.

Product specification

Power density, Wp/m² (installed)Up to 185Wp/m²
Cell technologyMono PERC
Layer technology (build-up)Double/Triple Glazed Unit
Dimensions, mmWidth: up to 2200mm
Length: up to 3300mm
Mounting systemsSchüco / Reynaers / SAPA / Sadev

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    Our customization options

    Our customization options