PIPV. Product integrated photovoltaics

We produce custom shape, size and color solar panels, PIPV modules using various technologies, such as glass/glass, glass/backsheet, flexible or PCB with various frontsheet options. Solar panel technology and other solar solution are chosen to fit your product idea and business needs. Metsolar will professionally help you to develop custom solar solution through all stages of your product development process while maintaining highest quality of solar products. We will meet requirements of the most ambitious designer and deliver quality from idea and prototype to series production.


Custom shaped and sized solar solution for seamless integration

Product integrated photovoltaics for solar powered products describe the solutions where the required power to run the device is provided partly or fully by sunlight. Product integrated solar panels are designed to meet technical and design needs for seamless integration of pv module to solar product.

Engineers and designers at Metsolar will advise throughout the process of product creation: from design to production of solar solutions for product integration. We offer various shape and size modules, from ultra small solar panels up to 1cm x 1cm to large modules reaching 2.4m x 3.8m. Extreme customization options are possible on demand.

Your smart final solar product

Almost any thing can be turned into a smart off-grid solar product. Together with tailor-made solar panel we can offer various kits for integration – such as battery, lighting, Wifi, USB and other options for integration on demand.

Success stories

How it works

1. Explain your idea

Our designers and engineers assist from the beginning of your solar-integrated product development process.

2. Design & engineering

We provide customized solar energy solution to fit your product design and available space, while achieving required power and efficiency.

3. Prototype testing

When the solar solution concept is approved – we work on prototype development, we test materials and apply minor changes in the process.

4. Serial production

After successfully finishing the prototype development – our production team joins in to deliver your customly designed solar panel.

Need customization advise?

Customization options

Custom size options

From 5 cm x 5cm to 2.4 m x 3.8m – we can meet the smallest and the biggest product needs

Custom shaped

Circular, round, triangle, oval shaped, mini rectangle and more custom shaped modules

Custom cell arrangement

The layout is important, so we offer full flexibility on cell pattern in panel

Colored glass solar panels

Novel printing on glass/glass modules allows color, transparency and general design options


From 2mm to 8mm. Other options are possible on demand

Types of cells

Full (5’’ or 6’’) or laser cut cells. Mono, poly, back contact type and colored cells

Colors of cells

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