BIPV facade renovation project for school in Canada

Complete school built in 1946 renovation has taken place in Canada to provide new open and modern learning spaces for students and to achieve it’s new energy efficiency goals. A new school building was designed and constructed near an old school as for school community to move from one building to another smoothly and uninterupted. Metsolar manufactured 7 different type and style BIPV solar panels for this school’s ventilated solar facade project. 

BIPV facade design

The BIPV solar facade solution, provided by Metsolar was designed in a manner to fit cold and snowy region of this educational building. Solar panels on walls was chosen as stand-out facade cladding solution that turned this project to energy efficient building. Let alone energy generation, such ventilated solar facade provides additional advantages for building thermal insulation. We manufcture PV facade modules, that are lightweight and price competitive, therefore was chosen as building cladding option to achieve visual appeal and energy efficiency, that is made to fit not only in educational, but commercial buildings aswell.


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